Building scalable technology businesses focused on overcoming barriers to good financial health.

This ambitious, 3-year program focuses on co-building multiple impact businesses. We are looking for four talented individuals to join our first 18-month business building program that begins in January, 2021. We will work with our first cohort of entrepreneurs to focus on building businesses that address the excess costs of poverty. Members of our cohort will receive a full salary and benefits for 18 months, and be surrounded with software development, business design, and behavioral research experts to help kickstart an incredible impact business.


At Ventures for Shared Prosperity we believe we can help improve the lives of individuals living in poverty by partnering with talented people to build and scale software-powered, behavioral science informed businesses that address the varied, complex, and structural causes of poverty in America.

Visit Ventures for Shared Prosperity to learn more about our business-building model, our philosophy on entrepreneurship, what opportunities we see to address the excess costs of poverty, and why you should apply.